Samhain Music Festival

Brought to you by Inokii and Vent Box Productions
A festival not to be missed if you love metal. We have lots of bands staging for this show from Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and China. Night of Samhain, when the darker half of the year begins. Time for congregation.


地獄本無聲~獄無聲 Silent Hell (Taiwan Melodic Metal)

Ego Fall (Mongolia Melodic Death Metal)

Wynken Delirium (Malaysia Sludge/Metal/Nusantara)

葬王 Zang Wang (Malaysia Metal)

DYETH (Singapore Death Metal)

*Cardiac Necropsy has to withdraw from this show due to overseas work posting of the vocalist.*

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Early bird at $35 (Sold Out)

Standard Tix at $45

At the door at $60

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Venue: Moonshine Pub

Address: 1 Claymore Drive #02-11 Orchard Towers Rear Block Singapore 229594. (Situated at upper level of Harris)

Brought to you by Inokii and Vent Box Productions.

Supported by Xoundforce Music Entertainment

Ego Fall Press Release

Ego Fall is a Chinese Mongolia nomadic metal band from Hulunbuir,Inner Mongolia, China.

Formed in January 2000, Ego Fall has become one of the most influential metal bands in China,

having published three full-length albums and one EP.

Their music conveys the authentic Mongolia music element with melodic death metal, metalcore,

folk metal, industrial metal, power metal, and new trash metal. This is their own way to tell the

whole world the story, actuality, and history of Mongolian.

Ego Fall band’s Chinese name is Diān Fù M. Diān Fù means to subvert or overset, and the letter

M here refers to myself. Since the band was formed, they have been subverting their own dated

ideas and overcoming all obstacles they meet for their new orientation. They believe in their faith

in music, which is like the Mongolia Wolf’s fangs, can give them the incisive energy, and make

them braver and more unwavering.

Over the years, Ego Fall has had thousands of performances. In 2008 and 2012, they performed

together with Dark Tranquillity (Sweden’s Melodic Death Metal Pioneers) for two times. And in

2013, they attended Soilwork’s (Sweden’s Medolic Metal band) show in Beijing as guest band. In

June 2014, Ego Fall celebrated its 10th anniversary as a band, performing one show at Tango in

Beijing, China, and released their new EP Jangar. On 29th June 2015, they had a gig at Tuska

Open Air Metal Festival 2014 in Helsinki, Finland.

Ego Fall is the first band from China performing in Tuska Festival. Ego Fall started its 10 Year

Anniversary China Tour in September, 2014. From September to November, they went through 27

cities with their new EP. In January 2015, Ego Fall had their first Japan tour. In 12th and 14th

March, 2015, Ego Fall attended Arch Enemy's(Sweden’s Most famous Female Fronted Melodic

metal Band) War Eternal Tour as a guest band performing in Hong Kong and Bangkok, Thailand.

In April 2015, Ego Fall had their second Japan tour.


Silent Hell Press Release

Welcome to the World Of Silent Hell!

Formed in 2006, SIlent Hell is a heavy metal band whose music roots are metal and rock. Our

music honestly express what we lived and felt. We sing about our different ways of thinking about

our world. We are neither radical nor violent. We only want to deliver positive power through our

music. We Always believe that music can heal people’s hearts, reminding us that everybody can

have one’s own dream. More importantly, it has the greatest power of all which is love.

Up to 2015, we have already released an EP and an album. As revealed in every song, Silent

Hell is not constrained to the same music genre and thus these two music collections have

Through out the years, we have been invited to perform in various music festivals and Asian

Tours. We have opened for Insomnium, a famous Finnish Melodic death metal band,in Taipei 07

May 2015 and will continue our tour in Japan (Tokyo and Osaka).


More bands to be announced soon!

Official poster to be published soon!

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Sat Oct 31, 2015
3:00 PM - 11:00 PM SGT
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Moonshine Pub
Early Bird+Admin Charge SOLD OUT $35.99
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Venue Address
1 Claymore Drive #02-11 Orchard Towers Rear Block Singapore 229594 Singapore
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